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To anyone aiming for success in the global app world… Does the following seem vaguely familiar?

"The number of active users doesn’t grow as expected…"

"We don’t have enough quantitative information about our competitor’s apps."

"We would like to know which app categories have a high growth rate."

App Ape helps you solve information shortages.


Through analytics you get access to the latest app market and usage trends, you can understand what drives your own or your competitors’ growth and so much more. Our Analytics service prides itself on covering every area of the app market extensively.

Custom Reports

We would love to provide you with a sophisticated on-demand analysis. Our insights provide answers which are difficult to find, but we know how to get them. The information obtained is yours, and you are free to use it however you like.


Are you interested in the East Asian app market, one of the biggest markets there is? We can support your business expansion with our extensive corporate network. Drop us a message and follow in the footsteps of some of the biggest players in the app market!


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What We Provide

The easiest way to understand the app market.

Analyse the popularity of your own or your competitor’s app using demographic segmentation data, active user data, the possession ranking and other analytical tools. A high number of downloads does not always mean actual usage activity. Our data is based on actual usage data. You won’t be misled by data manipulation.

The fastest way to get detailed reports about the app market.

The on-demand custom reports of App Ape provide you with app market insights you won’t get elsewhere. Whether you’d like to know more about your users or the competitors you are losing out to, we can get the information you want. Just tell us what you need to know, and our analysts will get back to you in less than a week.

Comprehensive advice for one of the most profitable markets.

Our broad corporate network can further your business expansion. Japan and South Korea have hugely attractive mobile markets. We can introduce you to partners who understand the complexity of the market, partners who share your interests.

Our Lab knows what’s going on.

App Ape Laboratory is our online magazine. A place for anyone who is interested in the latest app trends, in what our analysts can do and those who simply enjoy LEARNING new things.

Story of Success

"Knowing we can analyse our apps, track our competitors' actions and have access to a broad field of additional uses makes me think that becoming a subscriber was the right choice."

Quote from King's App Ape Experience: A success story

Why App Ape?

  • App Company
  • Marketing Agency
  • Investor

EC Company

Business Development Manager, Age 32

Through App Ape Analytics it became easier for me to formulate our business and marketing strategies. Knowledge about market trends, the changing preferences of mobile users or insights about our active users and competitors give us the edge in this fast-paced market.

Media App Service

Marketing Strategist, Age 28

App Ape is helpful to us when we analyse the effects of our marketing strategy. We check the Hourly Active User Rate to comprehend the effect of each push notification, mail or advertisement. App Ape’s Custom Reports provide us with new insight whenever we like and show us where we are losing out to our competitors.

Mobile Gaming Company

Chief UX Officer, Age 35

App Ape is a tool that comes in handy and we do enjoy working with the App Ape team. The “Concurrent App” results surprise us regularly. The similarities between the apps our users possess are often more significant than we anticipated. We also appreciate that we can learn a lot about their UX preferences and thus expect potential features they might appreciate. App Ape makes it possible for us to obtain our users’ story.

Mobile Consulting

Marketing Consultant, Age 34

What our customers want is an insight into their competitors’ strategies. App Ape helps us get that information. We can estimate the effects of different marketing tools such as push notifications etc. by checking the Hourly Active User Rate. Custom Reports can reveal to us where our clients are losing out to their competitors.

Market Research Agency

Research Analyst, Age 29

Downloading CSV data from App Ape Analytics is what we do quite regularly. The newly obtained data is combined with data we already have and furthers our analytic possibilities.


Consultant, Age 26

Whenever I design a campaign for in-app advertisement purposes, I need to understand the user base to be able to come up with a fitting creative concept. To gain such understanding I depend on App Ape’s demographic data.

Venture Capital

Partner, Age 42

When looking for new startups to invest in, information is what we’d like to have. To get a better idea about possible investment opportunities the Daily Active User ranking and its demography features are what we employ on a regular basis.

Investment Bank

Portfolio Manager, Age 35

App Ape’s Custom Report provides the base of our business strategy. Creating portfolios using actual mobile market usage data gives us a way to balance and identify risk. Knowledge about the trends and growth rates of different types of app businesses helps us find companies which have growth potential.

Hedge Fund

Head of Research, Age 41

App Ape helps us in analysing the popularity of mobile gaming companies. We can understand whether their audience declines and how fast this happens. Metrics like MAU, the session time or the number of sessions are leading indicators for this. Since most mobile games only monetise a minority of their users, a drop-off among heavy users might precede a disproportionate impact on revenue. Such knowledge is pivotal for us.

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